Preventing The Sun From Damaging Your Parking Lot


A quality parking lot can provide your customers and employee with an attractive and safe place to park their vehicles while frequenting your business. Parking lots are exposed to the elements throughout the year. Just as the UV rays produced by the sun can damage your skin through extended exposure, these UV rays can damage the asphalt in your parking lot. You must be proactive in preventing sun damage from compromising the quality of your parking lot in the future.

31 August 2018

Five Things A Paving Contractor Can Do To Transform An Empty City Lot


So, your city neighborhood has this empty city lot. That happens lots (get it, "lots"?). Anyway, it does not have to become an eyesore in the midst of everything. As long as you have permission from the city council on lot development, you can really transform this lot into something grander than it is. You will need a paving contractor or asphalt repair service to make most of the following projects happen.

26 March 2018