Stone Pavers: Building A Curved Walkway


Curved walkways add interest and curb appeal to your home. The installation of a curved walkway built using pavers is simple; however, it does require careful planning and installation. The following instructional guide will teach you how to plan and install a curved walkway.    Determine the Layout During the planning stage of your walkway design, you will need to determine the layout of the walkway. Using garden hoses or rope, define the path and width of your walkway.

27 August 2015

Understanding Your Asphalt Options


If you need to use asphalt for some sort of paving, then you have a pretty big decision to make: what kind of mixing you are interested in. Each option has its pros and cons. To help you make a more informed decision, here is a brief overview of each. Mix Types Asphalt is made by combining aggregates (crushed rocks and similarly hard substances) and bitumen, which acts as a binding agent.

19 August 2015