How to Prepare Your Parking Lot for Sealcoating


Your asphalt parking lot is designed to survive decades, as long as it is properly maintained. Part of the proper maintenance is sealcoating, which is the process of sealing the asphalt with an asphalt epoxy designed to protect against weathering and damage. Closure Scheduling It takes about 24 hours for a seal-coated parking lot to cure to the point of being drivable again. Depending on the size of the lot and the amount of repair and preparation work that needs to be done, you can count on the parking lot is out of service for 24–48 hours.

17 March 2021

Recommendations For Full Asphalt Pavement Parking Lot Care And Maintenance


Parking lot maintenance is a large part of maintaining the exterior of your business landscaping and common areas. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you keep the condition and quality of your parking lot pavement in maintained condition so it can be a positive feature of your business. Protect the Surface The surface is exposed to a lot of wear and tear from the sun and weather conditions, so you can do your part to keep it protected from avoidable and excessive vehicle wear and tear.

21 January 2021

Advantages Of Installing A Rubber Deck Around A Pool


The surface around a pool is something to think about, especially from a safety standpoint. You can put all kinds of materials around it for the deck, but rubber is quickly becoming one of the most widely used. That's because it offers these advantages. Durable Some deck materials for pools look nice, but they don't have the durability to hold up to wear and tear. You don't want this, because you're spending a good bit of money on this decking material as it is.

3 November 2020

Why Should I Hire Paving Contractors?


Are you tired of potholes all over the road or in your parking lot? Or, do you wish you could have a smooth driveway for your guests to park and walk on? Paving contractors are available for you to hire out to make your pavement needs look professional and function at a high level. Here are a few of the top reasons why you should hire out your next asphalt project with paving contractors.

31 July 2020

4 Commercial Asphalt Services Your Business Can Use


If you run a business, and you own or are responsible for the parking lot area, it is important to partner with an asphalt company that offers commercial parking lot services. These parking lot services will help keep your parking lot looking great and will also help ensure that your parking lot is a safe place. Service #1: Crack Sealing Over time, the cracks in your asphalt, or the area where a new layer of asphalt was laid next to another way, can become brittle.

16 June 2020

3 Of The Biggest Threats To Your Asphalt Pavement


When it comes to asphalt pavement, it is a really strong substance that can handle thousands of pounds of weight. However, there are some things that can threaten the strength of your asphalt pavement. If you want to protect your asphalt pavement, you need to know what the biggest threats to it are.   Threat #1: Surface Water  One of the biggest threats to your pavement is surface water that just sits on the top of your asphalt. Standing water on your asphalt is not just annoying, it can also weaken the structure of your pavement and lead to cracks and potholes in your pavement over time.

17 October 2019

Services Your Professional Paving Crew Can Provide To Improve Your RV Park Paving


When you run a business, the condition and appearance of your business and its buildings can affect the impression all your customers receive, which can affect whether or not they patronize it. And first impressions can only be made once, so you want to be sure your RV park is in top condition, from its showers and the pool, to the lawn areas and the paving. Here are some services your professional commercial paving contractor can do to improve the appearance of your commercial RV and trailer park.

18 July 2019

Preventing The Sun From Damaging Your Parking Lot


A quality parking lot can provide your customers and employee with an attractive and safe place to park their vehicles while frequenting your business. Parking lots are exposed to the elements throughout the year. Just as the UV rays produced by the sun can damage your skin through extended exposure, these UV rays can damage the asphalt in your parking lot. You must be proactive in preventing sun damage from compromising the quality of your parking lot in the future.

31 August 2018

Five Things A Paving Contractor Can Do To Transform An Empty City Lot


So, your city neighborhood has this empty city lot. That happens lots (get it, "lots"?). Anyway, it does not have to become an eyesore in the midst of everything. As long as you have permission from the city council on lot development, you can really transform this lot into something grander than it is. You will need a paving contractor or asphalt repair service to make most of the following projects happen.

26 March 2018

Repair Cracks In An Asphalt Driveway, Apply Sealant, And Line The Driveway With Flowering Plants


Before listing your vacation home with a realtor, improve the property's appearance by repairing the cracks in the asphalt driveway leading to your home and lining the pavement with colorful flowering plants by completing the steps below. The upgrade will draw attention to your property and may encourage people to stop by to inquire about the home and land: Supplies push broom water hose adjustable nozzle asphalt cleaning agent bucket scrub brush container of asphalt patch small shovel trowel putty knife plastic sheeting sealant paint tray thick-napped paint roller extension handle and roller frame flowering plants measuring tape colorful gravel Clean And Patch The Asphalt

20 July 2017