Recommendations For Full Asphalt Pavement Parking Lot Care And Maintenance


Parking lot maintenance is a large part of maintaining the exterior of your business landscaping and common areas. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you keep the condition and quality of your parking lot pavement in maintained condition so it can be a positive feature of your business.

Protect the Surface

The surface is exposed to a lot of wear and tear from the sun and weather conditions, so you can do your part to keep it protected from avoidable and excessive vehicle wear and tear. One of the biggest causes of damage to your parking lot is its exposure to large and heavy vehicles, such as tractor trailers, garbage trucks, and dump trucks. Try to manage your parking lot use so you keep heavy vehicles off. For example, designate a delivery point in back of your business for heavy trucks to deliver to you. And arrange for your commercial dumpster to be placed in back as well so the garbage truck can use this access point and avoid damaging your main parking lot area. 

Another way you can work to protect the surface of your parking lot is to be diligent with repairs and complete them in a timely manner. Nothing can be more damaging to your parking lot pavement than when you let cracks and holes remain without fixing them. The longer the surface of your pavement has exposed cracks, the more damage will occur from moisture infiltration and freeze-thaw patterns. These conditions will work to slowly and continually erode your pavement's structure and expand the cracks to other areas as they grow wider and longer.

Arrange for regular patching to the surface of your parking lot by an asphalt professional. They will make sure that the repairs are prepared and completed so they remain in place and protect the asphalt's integrity. Also look to arrange for a surface sealcoating every few years for when the surface of the asphalt has become dried out, grey in color, and brittle. After your crew has applied patches and crack filling, they will seal them and the surface of the pavement with a liquid emulsion that seals in the entire surface and restores its dark color and flexible qualities.

Be Diligent With Inspections

As part of protecting your asphalt's surface, you need to complete regular inspections so you know when it needs attention and maintenance. Cleaning and sweeping the pavement's surface will remove items that are damaging to vehicles, such as loose nails and broken glass. Cleaning will also remove debris that can hide damage to the surface of the pavement.

For example, loose leaves piled onto one area of the pavement can be covering a pothole that has formed over the previous winter. Cleaning off these leaves in the spring will reveal the damage to you so you can have it patched.

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21 January 2021

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After we moved into an older home, I realized there were a few issues with the yard -- especially with the driveway and the front sidewalk. We had large cracks running through the pavement and driveway, and I could tell that things might turn from bad to worse unless we started working on correcting the problem. We realized it might not be possible to do things on our own, so we hired a professional paving contractor to come out and help us. He was amazing to work with, and he seemed to innately understand our needs. This blog is all about using a paving contractor to improve your lot.