Services Your Professional Paving Crew Can Provide To Improve Your RV Park Paving


When you run a business, the condition and appearance of your business and its buildings can affect the impression all your customers receive, which can affect whether or not they patronize it. And first impressions can only be made once, so you want to be sure your RV park is in top condition, from its showers and the pool, to the lawn areas and the paving. Here are some services your professional commercial paving contractor can do to improve the appearance of your commercial RV and trailer park.

Repair Any Damage

When you are updating the asphalt of your RV park, this includes the main roads through the park and also any paved parking areas between the service connections and any grassy areas. This paving can receive a great deal of wear and tear in addition to the weather of every season. After time, the asphalt will crack and break apart, leading to fading from oxidation and pothole formation. 

Your professional asphalt crew will remove any asphalt damage and crumbling to fill in a base layer of compacted gravel, then apply a hot mix asphalt patch. They will burn to remove any weed growth within cracks and similarly repair them with a hot patching mixture.

Address the Edging

When new asphalt is poured to restore fully damaged areas of pavement, it is essential that the edges of the pavement are installed adequately. Without the right formation the edges will begin to crumble away and lead to deterioration into the paving. 

Because your RV park will not include any high profile curbing due to the type of rigs that drive through and park within the area, curbing would create more maneuvering challenges. For example, heavy RVs and camping trailers would crack and damage concrete curbing anytime they accidentally drive over the edges. So, instead your asphalt paving crew will slope the edges of the asphalt at a 90 degree angle. 

Supplement With Gravel

Next your asphalt crew will back-fill crushed gravel over the edges of the formed asphalt. The gravel levels the edges of the asphalt as they slope into the surrounding landscaping and gives it a finished look. This also gives the edges additional support when a heavy rig drives off the edge to keep the edges from crumbling, for example.

Your professional asphalt team can complete these services to get your RV park back into prime condition. This will help to attract customers and provide a great quality stay and experience while customers navigate, drive through, and park within your site.


18 July 2019

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After we moved into an older home, I realized there were a few issues with the yard -- especially with the driveway and the front sidewalk. We had large cracks running through the pavement and driveway, and I could tell that things might turn from bad to worse unless we started working on correcting the problem. We realized it might not be possible to do things on our own, so we hired a professional paving contractor to come out and help us. He was amazing to work with, and he seemed to innately understand our needs. This blog is all about using a paving contractor to improve your lot.