Preventing The Sun From Damaging Your Parking Lot


A quality parking lot can provide your customers and employee with an attractive and safe place to park their vehicles while frequenting your business. Parking lots are exposed to the elements throughout the year. Just as the UV rays produced by the sun can damage your skin through extended exposure, these UV rays can damage the asphalt in your parking lot. You must be proactive in preventing sun damage from compromising the quality of your parking lot in the future.

Make sure your parking lot is installed properly.

The first step in protecting your parking lot against sun damage is ensuring that the asphalt is laid properly. Asphalt needs to be laid over a subbase that can provide adequate drainage. Water buildup underneath the asphalt's surface can lead to cracks or the formation of potholes. Asphalt must be kept at the right temperature during installation, or it can become brittle over time.

Improperly installed asphalt does not have the structural stability needed to stand up to UV exposure over time, so be sure that you work with an experienced paving contractor to install your parking lot.

Repair damage quickly.

No matter how well your asphalt parking lot is installed or how meticulous you are with maintenance, the asphalt in your parking lot will sustain some damage over time. Cracks, potholes, or other types of damage can leave your parking lot vulnerable to UV damage.

The structure of the asphalt is compromised when damage occurs. This creates more surface area for UV rays to penetrate through the asphalt and into the subbase below. Investing in immediate crack sealing or pothole repair for your parking lot will minimize the negative effect UV rays can have on your asphalt in the future.

Sealcoat your parking lot.

Sealcoating can give your asphalt parking lot an added layer of protection against UV rays.

The sealcoat acts like a sunscreen for your pavement. UV rays that are emitted by the sun are reflected off the surface of your asphalt rather than being absorbed into your pavement. This reflective quality prevents UV rays from heating your asphalt, causing it to expand and contract throughout the day. Eliminating expansion and contraction can ward off damage and keep your parking lot looking nice and functioning properly over time.

Work with your paving contractor to ensure that your parking lot isn't at risk of sustaining serious damage caused by exposure to the sun's UV rays. For more information, contact a parking lot paving company.


31 August 2018

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