Five Things A Paving Contractor Can Do To Transform An Empty City Lot


So, your city neighborhood has this empty city lot. That happens lots (get it, "lots"?). Anyway, it does not have to become an eyesore in the midst of everything. As long as you have permission from the city council on lot development, you can really transform this lot into something grander than it is. You will need a paving contractor or asphalt repair service to make most of the following projects happen.

Extra Parking, Paid or Free

There is never enough parking in the city, is there? There is even less parking for people who actually live on the same street where this empty lot exists. Yes, another parking lot is not very pretty or very fun, but it is very useful and needed. If that is what everyone wants, it will not take a paving contractor very long to pave over this space, apply asphalt, construct a driveway entrance, and be done with it. Your only other choice here is to decide if it is going to be a paid lot (i.e., people pay to drive in and park) or a free lot. 

A B-Ball Court

If the nearest basketball courts are a mile away or more, maybe you need a b-ball court closer to home. This makes it less worrisome on the mamas who want to be sure that they can see their children and teens from their apartment/house windows. It also gives the kids and teens a reasonably safe hangout spot in the neighborhood. Like the parking lot idea, there is not too much work to be done by the paving contractor to make this happen.

Tennis, Racquetball, Handball and Squash Court

What do all four of these sports have in common? One, they are played on a court. Two, they need a wall off of which to bounce the ball in play. Three, an empty lot is perfect for all four games, when that empty lot is transformed by an experienced paving contractor. If you get enough neighbors to agree to a multi-racket, multi-sport court, the empty lot can and will be transformed by your paving contractor for that very purpose.

A Splash Pad

Splash pads are hotter than the hottest of summer days and cooler and more refreshing than a broken fire hydrant gushing everywhere. If your neighborhood loves this idea, you will need to hire a plumbing contractor along with the paving contractor. The plumber needs to install all of the underground holding tanks for water and the underground pipes to transport the water to the splash pad and the various water toys and activities in the splash pad.

The paving contractor puts down a concrete base over the tops of the pipes, leaving just the spouts for the water uncovered. Then the commercial foam company that makes the surface topper for the splash pad installs this soft material that makes the transformed lot attractive, safe, and comfortable to play and sit on. When a public pool is both too crowded and too far away, and the day is raging hot, everyone in the neighborhood is going to want to be at the splash pad cooling off.

An Outdoor Market or Swap Meet Place

Would it not be great to have an outdoor farmer's market every weekend? How about a swap meet place? Booth areas would generate income to make the neighborhood a better place while simultaneously providing fresh produce or trading extra stuff neighbors do not need anymore. If your neighborhood is lacking in bodegas and fresh markets, an empty lot paved over and fenced in is an ideal development plan for an empty, unused, dirty lot.


26 March 2018

Using Paving Contractors To Beautify Our Yard

After we moved into an older home, I realized there were a few issues with the yard -- especially with the driveway and the front sidewalk. We had large cracks running through the pavement and driveway, and I could tell that things might turn from bad to worse unless we started working on correcting the problem. We realized it might not be possible to do things on our own, so we hired a professional paving contractor to come out and help us. He was amazing to work with, and he seemed to innately understand our needs. This blog is all about using a paving contractor to improve your lot.