Repair Cracks In An Asphalt Driveway, Apply Sealant, And Line The Driveway With Flowering Plants


Before listing your vacation home with a realtor, improve the property's appearance by repairing the cracks in the asphalt driveway leading to your home and lining the pavement with colorful flowering plants by completing the steps below. The upgrade will draw attention to your property and may encourage people to stop by to inquire about the home and land:


  • push broom
  • water hose
  • adjustable nozzle
  • asphalt cleaning agent
  • bucket
  • scrub brush
  • container of asphalt patch
  • small shovel
  • trowel
  • putty knife
  • plastic sheeting
  • sealant
  • paint tray
  • thick-napped paint roller
  • extension handle and roller frame
  • flowering plants
  • measuring tape
  • colorful gravel

Clean And Patch The Asphalt

Move a push broom across the driveway's surface to eliminate loose debris. After adjusting a water hose's nozzle to a setting that provides strong water pressure, spray the driveway's surface. Pour an asphalt cleaning agent into a bucket. Dip a scrub brush into the bucket and move the brush rapidly back and forth over stained asphalt.

Rinse the driveway with water and wait for the asphalt to dry thoroughly. Use a small shovel or trowel to apply asphalt patch to cracks in the driveway's surface. If too much patch is applied to any of the damaged sections, move a putty knife across the driveway's surface to eliminate the excess patch. Wait for the patch to dry.

Apply Sealant And Line The Driveway With Plants

Use large pieces of plastic sheeting to cover the property that is next to the driveway. Pour asphalt sealant into a shallow tray. After securing a roller and frame to an extension handle, dip the roller into the sealant. Stand at one end of the driveway and push the roller across the length of the paved surface. Dip the roller into the sealant as needed. Continue applying sealant to the driveway until it is evenly coated. Wait for the sealant to dry before removing the pieces of plastic sheeting from the ground.

Decide what kind of flowering plants you would like to plant next to the driveway. Use a small shovel to dig holes to hold the plant's roots. Use a measuring tape while digging holes so that they are all evenly spaced apart. After inserting a plant's roots in a hole, use shovelfuls of dirt to fill in space that remains. After watering the plants, add colorful gravel pieces around the base of each plant. The gravel will help the soil retain moisture and will complement the colors of the flowers. 

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20 July 2017

Using Paving Contractors To Beautify Our Yard

After we moved into an older home, I realized there were a few issues with the yard -- especially with the driveway and the front sidewalk. We had large cracks running through the pavement and driveway, and I could tell that things might turn from bad to worse unless we started working on correcting the problem. We realized it might not be possible to do things on our own, so we hired a professional paving contractor to come out and help us. He was amazing to work with, and he seemed to innately understand our needs. This blog is all about using a paving contractor to improve your lot.