The Do's and Don'ts When Hiring an Asphalt Contractor


If you are installing a new asphalt surface, having repairs done to an existing one, or replacing one already in place, you will want to hire an asphalt contractor. An asphalt contractor can install, repair and replace asphalt surfaces including parking lots, driveways, private roads, public roads, and walking surfaces. However, there are differences among the contractors you may be looking to hire. Learning the do's and don'ts of hiring an asphalt contractor can help guide you to the right person for your job.

Do Get Quotes From Multiple Contractors

When you are looking to hire an asphalt contractor, you will want to take the time to obtain price quotes from multiple companies. This will help you find a company that offers the asphalt service you need at a reasonable price. Obtaining quotes can help ensure you do not overpay for the service.

Don't Assume All Quotes Include the Same Services

While it is important to obtain quotes from various companies and compare those quotes, you need to carefully look them over to ensure you are comparing the same things. Some companies will include things like sealcoating or parking line stripe painting in their quote, while others may not. Carefully look at what is included in the quote and ensure you are comparing the same services and product types. What may seem like a low quote can quickly balloon up if it is missing several services you will need to complete your project.

Do Ask for Recommendations

As you look to hire an asphalt contractor, ask the contractor for recommendations from clients who have had the service that you want performed performed by the contractor. When possible, look for references who have had the work done a year or two earlier. Asphalt may not show flaws until it has had time to settle. A year old asphalt surface or an area that was repaired a year earlier, should not already be cracking, crumbling, or showing signs of stress. Asking for recommendations who have had their new surface in place or repairs made for over a year can tell you a lot about the contractor's quality of work.

Don't Forget to Check For Licenses and Insurance

Lastly, when you are hiring an asphalt contractor, be sure to ask them for their licensing and insurance information. The licensing requirements vary from state to state, but most states require asphalt contractors to carry some sort of contractor's license. Additionally, verifying they have insurance helps protect you. If they were to fall on your property and injure themselves, they could sue you. Or, if they were to accidentally back into your house while using an asphalt roller, you may have to pay for the house repairs if they are uninsured. Because of this, it is important to always check for licenses and insurance.


4 January 2017

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