Tips to Keep Your Driveway Safe from Winter Damage


Your driveway will be subjected to some rather intense sources of wear and tear. This is particularly true during the winter, as the cold snow and ice can be damaging to your pavement. Fortunately, it may be possible for you to greatly reduce the amount of wintertime damage that your driveway sustains by utilizing these few driveway-care tips.

Use a Plastic Snow Shovel

One of the more routine winter maintenance tasks that you will need to do is to shovel any snow or ice that accumulates on the driveway. Unfortunately, many homeowners will fail to appreciate the damages that can occur when shoveling the snow and ice that is on the driveway. For example, if you use a metal snow shovel, it can be possible for you to accidentally scrape or chip the driveway. By using a plastic shovel, you will be able to remove these accumulations without risking this type of damage.

Minimize the Shade on the Driveway

During the fall months, you should consider pruning any plants that shade your driveway. This may seem unnecessary, but this shade can cause snow and ice accumulations to stay on the driveway for far longer than necessary. Considering that prolonged moisture exposure can lead to the driveway cracking, this can be a potentially serious problem. By pruning any plants that shade the driveway during the fall, you will be able to increase the amount of sunlight that reaches the pavement, and that can help to expedite the melting of snow and ice.

Place a Layer of Sand over the Pavement

Deicing chemicals can be a common solution for combating ice. While these substances will prevent ice from forming and melt any that has already accumulated, it can be very damaging to your pavement. Over the course of time, these substances will cause small holes to form in the surface of the driveway. Luckily, it might be possible to avoid this issue through the use of sand. A thin layer of sand on the driveway will inhibit the formation of ice while also increasing your car's traction.

Preventing wintertime damage from occurring to your driveway is important for ensuring that this part of your home lasts for as long as possible. By appreciating the benefits of using a plastic snow shovel, reducing the amount of shade that the driveway receives, and using sand rather than deicing chemicals, you may find that you can avoid some of the common causes of wintertime driveway damage.

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3 November 2016

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