Why You Should Use Parking Lot Sealing


Are you the owner of a property that has a parking lot in rough shape? Are you thinking that you'll have to have the parking lot ripped out and completely replaced? While this is sometimes necessary to restore a parking lot to good condition, it may not be something that you need to do. Instead of completely replacing the parking lot, you may be able to simply seal it instead. Here are some ways that sealing can help:

Smooth out the top: Undoubtedly, you've noticed that the top fraction of an inch of the asphalt in a parking lot will wear away faster than the aggregate that it holds. Not only is this unpleasant to look at, it may open the way for even further damage. With parking lot sealing, you may be able to have your parking lot restored to its former pristine appearance. No longer will your employees and customers wonder if they're risking vehicle damage by simply driving across your parking lot. 

Prevent moisture penetration: Moisture, typically in the form of rain or snow, is often the biggest enemy of a parking lot. Just as water will relentlessly wear away at rock to form a canyon, so too will it wear away at your parking lot. The smallest and most insignificant crack in the asphalt will allow moisture to get inside and widen the gap. Before you know it, you'll be looking at a parking lot that is crazed with cracks. From there, it's only a matter of time before potholes begin to form. Fortunately, parking lot sealing can nip all of this in the bud. Depending on what you want, you can have either the whole parking lot covered in a layer of sealant or only the cracks you have now. The former will stop any micro-cracks your parking lot may have, while the latter will just stop the visible ones. 

Make it easier on the budget: Having a parking lot laid down can be expensive, something you know if you're the one who originally had the parking lot built. This time, though, not only would the dirt have to be graded, the current parking lot would also have to be ripped up before work could proceed. Instead of doing this, parking lot sealing may be completed in just a day or two. The small amount of materials and labor involved means that not only will it be friendly to your monetary budget, it'll be friendly to your time budget as well.


23 May 2016

Using Paving Contractors To Beautify Our Yard

After we moved into an older home, I realized there were a few issues with the yard -- especially with the driveway and the front sidewalk. We had large cracks running through the pavement and driveway, and I could tell that things might turn from bad to worse unless we started working on correcting the problem. We realized it might not be possible to do things on our own, so we hired a professional paving contractor to come out and help us. He was amazing to work with, and he seemed to innately understand our needs. This blog is all about using a paving contractor to improve your lot.